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Nitro Coffee

What Does the Nitrogen Do in Nitrogen Cold Brew Coffee?

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Nitrogen in cold brew coffee does more than just provide a cascade and a pleasant mouthfeel — it is also a fantastic preservative to keep your coffee fresh. Nitrogen cold brew coffee stays fresh without the need for any additives.

Why nitrogen in your nitrogen cold brew coffee is much more than a trivial feature

When you hear about a new cold brew coffee or tea, the likelihood is that it comes with some flavoring. Either that, or it is a nitrogen cold brew coffee or tea. You may think these are small distinctions brands use to differentiate themselves, but they are signs of something more. What the difference is really a sign of is quality.

The difference between these beverages is in what preserves them. In one, the addition of chemicals maintains it long enough to sell in stores, in addition to changing the flavor of the drink. In the other, nitrogen preserves the beverage without changing its taste or impacting its quality. Nitrogen infusion is a means for a better overall drink.

Chemicals used in beverages as preservatives and why you should avoid them

The problem with using chemicals to preserve your drinks is that they change the integrity of the beverage. Some of the chemicals used to preserve food include:

  • Lactic acid
  • Citric acid
  • Acetic acid
  • Sodium diacetate
  • Potassium sorbate

These are a few possible additions to what you consume. If you see anything similar on your label to what you see above, your best bet is to steer clear. These chemicals preserve food by killing microorganisms or preventing their growth, but they also change your food and drinks.

The addition of these chemicals is why you will see drinks labeled ‘with lemon’ or ‘with raspberry.’ The brands need to add this type of wording to promote the beverages because the chemicals add so much acidity.

How your nitrogen cold brew coffee stays fresh

Instead of acidifying drinks with chemicals, an alternative is using a nitrogen infusion to preserve beverages naturally. If oxygen is in contact with your food, it will oxidize and degrade. An introduction of nitrogen gas takes up space and forces oxygen out of the container so oxidation cannot occur.

Instead of changing the integrity and flavor of a beverage, the nitrogen infusion adds a thicker mouthfeel to your drink and allows natural flavors to shine. Without impacting flavors, a nitrogen infusion means we can spend more time looking for the best ingredients.

Why nitrogen is a difference-maker in the beverage industry

With a nitrogen infusion, brands can turn their attention to the most important parts of beverage making. At Quivr, we took that opportunity to invest time and effort into finding the absolute best ingredients for our True Cold Brew Beverages.

Oolong from Taiwan, black tea from China, and premiere ingredients from around the globe for our hibiscus make for a line of nitro teas you can’t find anywhere else. 

Sourced from the best farms on the planet with ethical and sustainable practices, our nitrogen cold brew coffee and decaf coffee are also in a class by themselves. 

The nitrogen infusion has opened a door for Quivr to make the ingredients the catalyst of our beverages. We are proud to host a line of drinks lifted by the best ingredients in the business instead of products flavored by chemicals. Nothing added, nothing compromised. Just great taste. 

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