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What Does Body Scrub Do? 3 Reasons Why You Need the Right Body Scrub

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

What does body scrub do, you ask? Body scrub has many benefits to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. Plus, you can multiply these benefits if you pick the right body scrub.

What does body scrub do and how to pick the right body scrub for your skin.

If you have never used a body scrub before, we forgive you. Many people still don’t know the difference between a body scrub and the body wash they use to clean themselves. You might even be wondering, “what does body scrub do?” 

The information is valuable, and the distinction from a body wash is too. There are things that a body scrub accomplishes that you don’t get out of a body wash. And, if you choose the right body wash, you could unlock a huge list of health benefits for your skin. 

The key is in the ingredients. You’ll get great results if you make sure to get a body scrub with whole, natural ingredients and use it appropriately (really, you don’t need to use a body scrub more than 2-3 times per week, depending on how sensitive your skin is).

Still, the question remains: what does body scrub do? What benefits are we talking about? We’re diving into that right now. Make sure you read to the end for a bonus that will help you pick the right body scrub for you.

What does body scrub do? The top three benefits of picking the right scrub (plus a bonus)

There are many benefits, and they largely depend on the ingredients a particular brand includes in their body scrub. Still, there are some specific benefits that you should expect to find in any body scrub worth your time. 


Exfoliation is key for bright and healthy skin. Physical exfoliation is when you use coarse material to scrub the surface of the skin. This cleans out pores and reduces the chances of breakouts. It also leaves your skin shining and bright.

Consistent exfoliation also encourages collagen production, improving elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and keeping your skin looking young.

Removes dead skin cells

The surface layer of skin is dense with dead skin cells, dirt, and grime that you pick up from your day-to-day life. A body scrub is a great way to clear out that layer and bring out the healthy skin beneath. 

This process is essential to the next benefit.

Helps soften rough, worked, and worn skin

If you have hobbies or work that lead to dull and rough skin, the right body scrub is a great fit to provide relief. For example, calloused fingers are technically just a thick layer of dead or dying skin. 

A good body scrub will work away the callouses and relieve the dry, cracked discomfort they cause.

Now, ‘what does body scrub do?’ is really only the first part of a bigger question. The second part is ‘what kind of body scrub is best for you?’, and that is where our bonus comes in.

Picking the right body scrub

The right body scrub could look different for certain people with different skin sensitivities. But, in general, those with more sensitive skin will be okay by using the body scrub a little less. Maybe once a week. 

Many body scrubs implement sugar or salt as the coarse material of choice to help with exfoliation. Some even use coffee grounds which have some added benefits. Using material like coffee grounds or green tea powder also provides the skin with antioxidants to absorb for anti-aging properties. 

Best of all is when you can get the benefits of high-grade natural ingredients like Dead Sea Salt and cane sugar with the added benefits of coffee and/or tea. This is just what you get with the range of natural ingredients in Quivr’s Coffee + Coconut Body Scrub and Matcha + Coconut Body Scrub.

Treating your skin to a body scrub is a great choice for skin health. If you make that choice, why not treat your skin with the best possible?

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