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Keto Diet

The Real Keto Diet Tea is Not a Powdered Detox Tea

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Keto diet tea doesn’t need to be very fancy. In fact, the best keto tea is just great tea. When you have a high-quality tea, you don’t need to do anything to it. It will taste great and be a perfect companion for your keto diet.

The best keto diet tea is made with great ingredients and whole, fresh food. The best food makes for the best diet.

There is a dizzying amount of health foods and supplements that are sold these days. If you spend any time looking for the right supplements for your health, chances are you’ll come across some mixed messages about what you should be taking. Supplements can be valuable, but the best way to treat your body is with high-quality, clean, fresh foods. One trend we’ve seen that needs correcting is that of powdered detox keto tea. The best keto diet tea is always, hands down, just tea. You don’t need to do anything to it except find a great product and not ruin it. 

That was exactly what Quivr had in mind with our line of True Cold Nitro Teas. When you find a great product, there is little you can do to improve it. In fact, a lot of beverages that use additives and sweeteners do much more to hurt a beverage than help it. Either that or they may be working to hide a weaker quality tea. In some cases, the things they add can actually hurt your health.

Great keto diet tea already has everything you need

You don’t need to do anything to change tea. It is already a fantastic keto beverage on its own. The reason that so few companies actually provide a plain tea beverage is because it takes some serious work to find a great product and then preserve the fresh flavor. But let’s be clear, you’ve already got a great keto diet tea package with tea alone.

The dense delivery of antioxidants can be powerful to help reduce any muscle loss and also prevent oxidative stress from free radicals. Plus, there have actually been studies that have linked tea consumption to improved strength and lean body mass when paired with exercise. 

Furthermore, caffeine can be a great companion with your keto diet, especially when you consume it early in the morning. Studies suggest that caffeine taken for breakfast can boost ketone production. Consuming a style of tea with high caffeine could be an ideal way to get yourself into an early ketogenic state. 

How we get great flavor with great results

The best thing that you can find is an effective keto diet tea that you don’t need to force yourself to drink. If it becomes a chore, chances are lower that you will continue to use it. With Quivr, you are drinking the best tasting tea out there.

How do we do it? We start with fantastic ingredients. Our True Cold Nitro Black Tea, Oolong Tea, and Hibiscus Ginger are sourced from the best places in the world with the most sought-after tea. From there, our exacting cold brew process extracts all the characteristic flavors, and the nitrogen infusion locks in all the freshness. 

The nitrogen in particular is a huge game-changer. With nitrogen filling the negative space in the can, it prevents degradation without any additives or preservatives necessary. Each can of Quivr you ever drink is like drinking a freshly brewed batch of tea. 

You simply cannot find a keto diet tea with superior taste or better results.


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