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Keto Diet

Is Coffee Good for a Keto Diet? Avoid the Wrong Keto Beverage.

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Asking “is coffee good for a keto diet”? How you drink your coffee is everything, and finding the RIGHT coffee can change your keto diet for the best.

Wondering “is coffee good for a keto diet?” There is good news.

Making the switch to a keto diet and hoping to keep your coffee a regular part of your routine? Well, we have good news for you. And maybe some bad news too.

If you’re asking “is coffee good for a keto diet,” the good news is that coffee is definitely good for a keto diet. Caffeine can increase metabolism and help get to ketosis faster. Still, this can look different for certain people. 

But wait, the bad news is coming. 

If you’re somebody who can’t drink coffee without adding a bunch of creamers, sugar, or other flavorful additions, this won’t work out for you. The additions to coffee increase your carb intake in a hurry and disrupt ketosis.

Even worse is that a lot of cold brew coffees you think are great can turn out to be the main thing throwing off your ketosis. 

Is coffee good for a keto diet? This one is . . .

One of the best things you can find for a keto diet is a black coffee you actually enjoy drinking. Black coffee is perfect for a keto diet and that is why we made True Cold Nitro Coffee.

But this is also why when you ask “is coffee good for a keto diet,” it depends on the coffee and the person. 

Too many other coffees:

  • Use harmful additives to preserve their coffee
  • Use sweeteners that disrupt ketosis
  • Blend with second-rate coffee beans

While these drinks throw off your diet, they also slowly get you addicted to their chemical effects. 

The best news about Quivr’s black coffee is the taste. The combination of the extensive cold brew process and the nitrogen infusion takes our world-class beans to another level. And it does this with ZERO ADDITIONS. There is nothing but coffee and filtered water in our drinks. 

A great-tasting black coffee changes the outlook of a keto dieter. Where you were once thinking about all the things you were deprived of eating and drinking, you now have a beverage you get to look forward to. 

You used to be looking for a ‘palatable’ keto coffee beverage. Quivr gives you one that is delicious. 

Even if coffee is not for you, Quivr is.

Another important factor when wondering “is coffee good for a keto diet,” is to know your caffeine tolerance. No matter how helpful caffeine can be for ketosis, it’s not worth it if you’re giving yourself constant jitters, anxiety, and other side effects.

That’s why we made a full line-up of great-tasting keto-friendly options. Our True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee and Hibiscus Ginger Tea are great options for avoiding caffeine. And the True Cold Nitro Oolong Tea and Black Tea are amazingly flavorful teas for a medium-caffeinated option. 

With all these options for your keto diet, you can stop thinking about what you CAN’T have and start thinking about which delicious Quivr beverage you GET TO have. 

And, if you can’t choose just one, mix and match with our customized variety packs.

True. Cold. Nitro.