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How Often to use Body Scrub: Share the Gifts of Great Skin this Holiday Season

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Winter and the holiday season are here and it’s time to share the gift of pampering. Learn how often to use body scrub and encourage your loved ones to partake in some well-needed body nourishment from the outside in.

Wondering How Often to Use Body Scrub? Find Out Here!

It’s winter and time to hunker down and focus on some good old self-care. You’re wondering how often to use body scrub in your winter wellness routine. Whole-body exfoliation has some wonderful health benefits and is too often overlooked as a simple cosmetic spa treatment. 

 Like all forms of care it’s important to understand the real benefits and know how often to use body scrub in your wellness routine. Sometimes we all need a reminder to slow down and indulge in a little more skincare. The benefits are really for everyone!

What are the benefits of body scrubs?

Exfoliation is not just important for the face. When you treat yourself to a whole-body exfoliation with a high-quality scrub you will feel incredible. Why? Well, body scrubs help remove dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities. Using a body scrub increases circulation, moving lymph and giving your immune system a boost as well.

 Also, sloughing off those dead skin cells will help the absorption of moisture which we all need during these cold dry months. The vibrant activation from a body scrub sinks deep, creating a relaxing effect for the whole body. These benefits are visible in the form of smooth glowing skin - and you will feel great. 

What makes a good one?

What makes a great body scrub? Whole food ingredients that you can eat, of course! Your skin is the body's biggest organ and permeable to whatever you're putting on it. Any body scrub should be pure and simple, coarse and soothing. 

Generally, you want an exfoliant like salt and coffee combined with sugar and oils. The oils will help soften the dead skin cells to more effectively work them away while simultaneously delivering moisture. Once you experience the benefits you can decide how often to use body scrub in your bathing routine. 


How often to use body scrub, and when is it overboard?

How often to use body scrub will depend slightly on your skin type. Generally 1-3 times a week works quite well. However, dead skin cells can actually provide some protection for the skin. Naturally occurring oils ward off unhealthy bacteria from living on the body's surface. So like any good treatment, you don't want to wear it out. 


If you tend more towards sensitive or irritated skin, try exfoliating 1-2 times a week and go from there. And our Matcha Coconut Body Scrub is geared specifically towards sensitive skin!  If you’ve just finished a sweaty workout or you're one who needs a deeper exfoliation, try our Coffee Coconut Body Scrub. It certainly doesn’t hurt to use both and alternate throughout the week. 

Treat yourself to great skin this winter, and gift your loved ones with Quivr Body Scrubs!

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