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Decaf Nitro Coffee

How Is Coffee Decaffeinated? The Wrong Process Could Hurt Your Health

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Summary: Decaffeination can do more damage to you coffee than you ever knew. How is coffee decaffeinated without hurting health or flavor? The Select Water Process is the key to the best possible decaf coffee.

How is coffee decaffeinated? You need to know the difference.

If you haven’t thought, “how is coffee decaffeinated,” but still drink decaf coffee, you need to know more. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this quick guide. And there is good news to come!

Would you still drink your decaf coffee if you knew that companies remove caffeine with chemicals that can also cause heart disease? The most common ways to decaffeinate a coffee bean involve using chemical solvents. The most common are ethyl acetate and methylene chloride, which could be carcinogenic. 

Although the most common methods for decaffeination are chemical washing, there are also natural methods that are much safer. That leads us to a better question to ask:

How is coffee decaffeinated SAFELY?

With chemical removal, there are both direct and indirect methods of caffeine removal. With direct removal, you steam the beans and then rinse them with the solvent repeatedly to clear away caffeine. 

With indirect removal, chemicals are introduced to caffeine-laden water instead of touching the bean directly. This removes caffeine from the water. That water is then reintroduced to the beans for them to reabsorb many of the oils and flavors.

Removing chemicals from decaffeination is not only safer, but it also results in better tasting coffee. Removing a lot of the processing and chemical tampering leads to a more natural, fresh flavor.

So, how is coffee decaffeinated without using these harmful and dangerous chemicals? The method we use is called the Select Water Process. With this process, green coffee beans pass through filtered water and remove 99.9% of caffeine.

How is coffee decaffeinated for great taste?

At Quivr, we believe the decaf drinkers are drinking their coffee for one reason: TASTE. Decaf drinkers want to experience the wonderful aromas and flavors of coffee without the effects of caffeine. The decaffeination process should never take away from the quality of the beverage and it definitely shouldn’t introduce dangerous chemicals. 

Our decaffeination process starts with picking the best beans. We understand that the path to great tasting coffee starts at the very beginning. That is why we always begin with exceptionally grown and prepared green coffees from the finest farms around the globe. 

With great beans and the Select Water Process, our True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee delivers an incomparable taste. With notes of sweet caramel, dense chocolate, spice, and dried fruit coupled with a syrupy smooth body, we know this will become your favorite decaf beverage. 

But we don’t only care about the flavor of our decaf coffee. Each and every one of our beverages goes through an intense process to find the best ingredients that will yield the ultimate flavor. Everything from our True Cold Nitro Black Tea to our Hibiscus Ginger is sourced from the best ingredients and the best process. 

The flavors speak for themselves. Find your favorite today.

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