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How The Calories in Nitro Cold Brew Can Help Your Health and Diet

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Companies formulate drinks to be addictive with sugars and additives your body craves. The calories in nitro cold brew can help you kick the habit and return to drinking natural, high-quality ingredients.

This insidious diet enemy is hurting you more than you know, but the calories in nitro cold brew can help you conquer it!

If you don’t know something is hurting you, it is impossible to correct it. This is what gets in the way of many diets and training regimens.

The beverage industry, especially sports drinks manufacturers, are making it difficult for people to be healthy while telling them they are fueling performance. They are providing poor calories and calling it healthy. You need to make the switch to a different drink, and the calories in nitro cold brew will surprise you!

It’s not the will. It’s not the desire. And it is not the ability. The trouble is the things you don’t know are hurting you.

These sports drinks, energy drinks, and other beverages are loaded with sugars and additives that your body craves. These companies want you addicted to their drinks because that will help them make more money. But that is not what helps you live a healthy life. 

Quivr has a drink that will help you kick the habit of guzzling these calorie-heavy, toxic beverages. The difference is in the calories in nitro cold brew. 

Our secret: there’s nothing added for delicious flavor and low or no calories in nitro cold brew

That’s right. Our crazy secret is that we don’t add anything to our drinks. No matter what nutrition program you’re following, it won’t be helped by sugary drinks with sneaky bundles of calories.

Actually, there are few liquid calories that provide any nutritional value. The best beverage of any for your well-being - by far - is water, which has no calories at all. That is why we only use water in our drinks. Either tea and water or coffee and water. That’s it.

Quivr’s coffee beverages max out at 5 calories and none of our teas have any calories at all.

So, how can they be so delicious? You don’t need calories in nitro cold brew to make a satisfying drink. It’s all about the fresh flavor of high-quality ingredients. 

Lock in freshness and best-in-class flavor

The first step in our process is finding some of the best ingredients in the world. We only use ethically and sustainably sourced teas and coffees from the best regions on the planet. Once we have the perfect ingredients, our only job is to bring them to you in the most delicious way. 

After our exacting cold brew process, we lock in the fresh flavor with a nitrogen infusion. Nitrogen forces oxygen out of our cans to ensure our drinks don’t degrade while they are waiting for you to pick them up. 

All you need to do is choose your favorite tea or coffee, shake hard, and pour fast to unlock the great tasting, fresh flavor, of our low and no calorie drinks.

Find your favorite in our store or mix and match a personalized variety pack

If you prefer a warm beverage, we’ve got you covered too. Shop our tea sachets for fresh ingredients that also have no calories.

True. Cold. Nitro.