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All the Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea and Then Some

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Health benefits of hibiscus tea and other teas are wonderful but can be negated by other harmful additions to your beverages. When you create a drink like Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Hibiscus Ginger, which is delicious without anything added, you get all the good without any downside.

To get the most from the health benefits of hibiscus tea, you must have the right processes in place

Did you know hibiscus tea and other herbal teas are actually not tea? They are what is known as a tisane because they are not made with the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant which is actually what tea comes from. Nonetheless, this makes the health benefits of hibiscus tea and other tisanes very interesting since they are a little different from traditional teas but still have some of the same benefits.

Not only does hibiscus tea come with some great benefits on its own, but they are multiplied in our True Cold Nitro Hibiscus Ginger Tea because of the ingredients included and the things left out. The way the nitrogen infusion preserves the beverage without the harmful addition of other preservatives means we can deliver a fresh product with the best ingredients.

Keeping our teas and coffees at their best without anything added means you don’t have to think about the way it is affecting your body. We provide nothing but the best ingredients steeped in high-quality filtered water so you can know you are getting nothing but the best. 

Here’s a look into some of the health benefits of hibiscus tea that you can get from our True Cold Hibiscus Ginger.

The benefits of hibiscus tea — similarities and differences from traditional tea

Still loaded with antioxidants

Just like traditional teas from the camellia sinensis, hibiscus tea is heavy in antioxidants. Many people drink tea because of the high concentration of these antioxidants for their free-radical fighting properties. Free radicals are unstable atoms in the body that search for other atoms and molecules to bond to. If too much of this happens, it results in oxidative stress which causes disease and leads to signs of aging.

Those who drink tea for its anti-aging and disease-fighting properties can get those same benefits from hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea has also been linked to other tea benefits like lowering blood pressure.

Improve your liver health

Studies done with hibiscus extract show evidence of liver-protecting properties. These studies suggest that hibiscus can promote liver health and ease liver steatosis. Liver steatosis is a condition that can lead to liver failure. 

Although the studies were carried out with hibiscus extract as opposed to tea, it is believed similar benefits could come from hibiscus tea. 

A perfect drink for the caffeine-sensitive

The caffeine in tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant, so hibiscus tea and many other tisane are actually caffeine-free. This is a huge advantage to people who get jittery and nervous with even a small dose of caffeine.

Coffee and tea provide some great benefits with their antioxidants and polyphenols. Those benefits are inaccessible if you have trouble coping with caffeine. The True Cold Nitro Hibiscus Ginger allows you to still access those benefits without caffeine. And, if you like the coffee flavor, you can find those benefits in our True Cold Brew Nitro Decaf Coffee as well.

All the health benefits of hibiscus tea with no downside

By drinking a hibiscus tea that is packed with preservatives, there is a likelihood that you’re hurting your health while you’re helping it. For most people, we suspect that is not the point.

Plus, with an assortment of great flavors, you can find your favorite way to enjoy the health benefits of great-tasting tea and coffee without harmful additives. Quivr provides nothing but the best ingredients with fantastic flavors that speak for themselves. 

Find your favorite with a personalized variety pack. 


Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

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