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Decaf Cold Brew Caffeine: How to Tone Down Caffeine and Still Caffeinate

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

When you don’t want the intensity of a caffeinated kick, but you are looking for some extra energy what do you do? Look to this secret ingredient for the decaf cold brew caffeine boost you need.

When you want to limit your caffeine intake but still want to caffeinate, slightly: Look to the decaf cold brew caffeine boost

When you need coffee, you need coffee. Few things can replace the boost you get from a great cup (or can) of coffee. However, life comes in many varieties. For some, coffee is the potion and cure for all scenarios, but others require something a bit more mellow at times. We call that the need for decaf cold brew caffeine. It is still caffeine with a hint of relaxation to it. Does that sound crazy?

Well, what we’re talking about is not some miracle concoction. It is something that has been around forever but not enough people talk about it. In fact, we’ve never heard a coffee company talk about this before because it is something you can’t find in coffee. So, why are we, a coffee company, talking about it?

Well, frankly, we know our coffee is great. If you ask us, no coffee is better than Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Coffee. Are we biased? Sure, but with the work put into creating the absolute best nitro coffee on the market, it is a bias well deserved. But sometimes just you need something more mellow, which is why we created this.

The secret ingredient in the decaf cold brew caffeine boost

On its own, this secret ingredient has been said to have a fantastic impact on improving attention and focus. When coupled with caffeine, that impact is said to create a sharper, stabilized, and longer-lasting energy than caffeine alone. 

The ingredient is L-theanine. Don’t bother going through the trouble of thinking of inventive ways to get a moderate level of caffeine into your diet with a supplement of L-theanine. You don’t need to go through the trouble because it is already conveniently packaged for you in tea leaves.

Even better, you don’t need to go through any of the trouble of getting yourself interested in tea, finding your favorite style of tea, or purchasing tea steeping equipment. We’ve got you covered with our best in class True Cold Nitro Black Tea

Added advantages of L-theanine

The best news is that sharp attention and focus are not the only benefits that come with L-theanine. Research suggests a huge range of potential health benefits, including improved sleep quality, blood pressure control, improved immunity, stress-relief, and even possible benefits in the treatment of cancerous tumors.

That’s a lot of benefits just by adding a little bit of great flavor into your life. And, if taking a step down on your caffeine intake doesn’t sound like enough for you, you can always go the decaf route as well. L-theanine or not, if a beverage pleases, it pleases. You can be confident that two of our fan favorites, True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee and True Cold Nitro Hibiscus Ginger Tea, will do exactly that. 

The bottom line: every one of our True Cold Nitro Beverages has a place to be implemented as the ideal drinking option in your life. To allow yourself to take advantage of these options, you can create your own variety pack to get the right mix for your unique life. 

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