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What Makes Nitro Different? Caffeine in Nitro Cold Brew vs Regular Coffee

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Ashley Robertson

Have you thought about trying a nitro cold brew coffee? Maybe you haven’t found a good enough reason to take the leap. Here’s a breakdown of the difference in taste, feel and caffeine in nitro cold brew vs regular coffee.

Wondering what’s the difference in taste, feel and caffeine in nitro cold brew vs regular coffee?

Changing the way you drink coffee might seem trivial, but seeing as it’s an essential part of an everyday routine for many of us, making a change in coffee can feel monumental. But perhaps learning about the caffeine in nitro cold brew vs regular coffee could be a tipping point. At the very least, it can get you thinking.

If caffeine content isn’t enough to have you thinking about the way you consume your coffee day-to-day, some of the other differences between your standard cup of coffee and a true nitro cold brew may be what you’re looking for. 

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What makes True Cold Brew Nitro Different?

Caffeine in nitro cold brew vs regular coffee

Let’s start with what the people want to know: will you get that same caffeinated kick from a nitro cold brew that you will with your regular, reliable cup of coffee? Nine times out of ten, the answer will be yes, and more. A true cold brew steeps for a longer period of time in a higher concentration of coffee beans so, even though a cold brew takes longer to extract caffeine, there will end up being more in your cup. 

The exception may come when you find nitro iced coffee instead of a true nitro cold brew. Cold coffee does not always indicate a cold brew. It may have been a standard heated brew, which was later cooled to a lower temperature. In that case, you should expect the standard levels of caffeine.

A more palatable black coffee

If you appreciate the health benefits of a black coffee without any sugary additions but have a hard time stomaching the strong flavor, a true cold brew is exactly the thing you need. Where a regular cup of coffee will bring out more of the acidity from the beans due to the heat, a cold brew can considerably lower acidity levels and even bring out a sweeter flavor from the coffee beans.

The cold brewing moves the bar to make coffee easier to enjoy, and a nitrogen infusion takes it one step further. Nitrogen serves a more practical purpose, as we’ll soon see, but it also contributes to creating a thicker mouthfeel in the coffee. The lower acidity, sweeter taste, and thicker feel make for a delicious black coffee that needs no additions.

Bringing out the best in the best  

While nitrogen does add intrigue through the mouthfeel, the most important role it plays is in preserving the integrity of the coffee. With other bottled or canned coffees, citric acid is often added to the drink as a preservative. The problem with citric acid is that it changes the coffee too much.

Nitrogen also works as a preservative but by doing nothing more than taking up space in the can. When oxygen is present in a can or bottle, it will interact with the coffee through oxidation and ultimately reduce the quality of the drink. With an infusion of nitrogen gas, oxidation is eliminated without any compromise to flavor.

Yes, there is more caffeine in nitro cold brew vs regular coffee, but that is hardly the only benefit you get. We believe that any one of these is a great reason to try Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Coffee and if they weren’t enough, we know the great taste of Quivr will make the difference. With nothing added but the best coffee in the world and filtered water, our true cold brew is coffee at its untainted best.

Source: Cold Brew Coffee - All the Flavor, None of the Acidity

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