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Keto Diet

How We Made a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Keto Dieters Would Love

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Ingredients, additives, and taste are the three essential components in making a great beverage. Unfortunately, at least one tends to be a sacrifice when creating a nitro cold brew coffee keto dieters can enjoy. That is, until now.

This is the nitro cold brew coffee keto dieters turn to for pleasure without the guilt

How long have you fallen victim to making compromises for your diet? The conundrum of having to choose between great taste, great health, and great ingredients has long haunted dieters. Fortunately, there is now a nitro cold brew coffee keto solution that doesn’t make you have to choose. 

This keto-, Whole30®-, paleo-friendly beverage changes what you know about dieting because it isn’t just healthy; it tastes great. We didn’t even mention it is vegan and gluten-free. A nitro cold brew as delicious as this removes the need for discipline. Your guilty pleasure no longer has any guilt involved. 

The nitro cold brew coffee keto combo that makes your dieting life easier

We see the route to a genuinely great beverage as a three-step process. The process includes the ingredients, additives, and of course, the taste. 

As people who put a premium on the quality of things we put into our body, there was no way we would allow ourselves to deliver a product that we wouldn’t drink ourselves. That meant the first step of the process was getting the absolute best ingredients we could find. Scouring the world for the best tea and coffee ingredients is something we’ve done for years, and taking that search to a new level for the creation of this beverage was an honor. 

Our next concern was in avoiding the additives. Chemicals added to foods for preservation have been linked to some harmful effects. Plus, they completely change the beverage’s taste and render the tea or coffee’s quality essentially pointless. 

Preservatives are everywhere in the food world, and it is nearly impossible to eliminate them from your diet completely. Still, the more you can consume high quality, fresh food and beverages, the better off you’ll be. Our nitro cold brew coffee keto friendly beverage is one more thing you can add to your diet without concerns. Instead, a can of Quivr is protected from the degrading effects of oxidation by a nitrogen infusion that does nothing to the flavor except defend it.

The third essential in the three-tiered approach was the flavor. After the first two steps, this was no problem because, as it turns out, when you use the best ingredients, the best processes, and don’t mess with the product by adding preservatives, you get a great taste. 

But don’t take our word for it

We know we can’t convince you of our great taste by talking about it, but seeing some of our rave reviews may persuade you to give it a try:

Absolutely obsessed with Quivr, it’s replaced my morning coffee run for cold brew and is so much better than anything else on the market. The taste is fantastic, just as good if not better than the nitro you get at a high end coffee shop. -Josh Machiz-

This stuff is the best in the game when it comes to canned nitro cold brew. It tastes amazing and does not even need anything added to it. I'm a huge coffee snob and I couldn't be happier with this stuff. I will definitely be putting more orders in and highly recommend to those with long hours in the hospital/clinic like myself. -Aaron Tracy-

Don’t take our word for it, and don’t take theirs. See for yourself if this is the best nitro cold brew coffee keto friendly beverage available. Now is the time to try while you can grab a four-can sample of any of our available teas, coffee and decaf. If you’re curious about more than one of our beverages (and we may be biased, but we think you should be), you can also opt for a variety pack with up to four different flavors.


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