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Keto Diet

The Nitro Cold Brew Keto Combination to Jolt Early Ketosis

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

The sweet feeling of ketosis can be achieved early with the right preparation. Try this cold brew keto combination to get you body into an early morning ketosis and keep it there.

Effective Nitro Cold Brew Keto Diet Combination

Water is the essential beverage of life, but in the keto dieting world a new essential beverage is being introduced to help you in reaching your ketosis goals. Yes, you still need to drink water. That is always and will always be number one. Still, with appropriate timing, you can utilize this nitro cold brew keto diet combination to get into ketosis early in the day and move your focus towards maintaining your fat-burning state. 

The body burns carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for energy. Once carbohydrates and proteins are burned, the body is ready to move into ketosis through burning fat for energy. The more effective you can be in getting your body to this fat-burning state while maintaining appropriate nutrition, the longer you can stay in a state of ketosis. Achieving ketosis is the goal of both the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. By utilizing the two in a wise way, you can put yourself into a position for early morning ketosis.

The Nitro Cold Brew Keto Morning

In a preliminary study, subjects were given no caffeine, a moderate dose, or a higher dose of caffeine to have with breakfast after a 12 hour fast. Blood samples were taken from the participants to observe the level of ketones produced by the liver in the next four hours. Samples found that in higher doses of caffeine, there was an increased presence of beta-hydroxybutyrate, one of the more abundant ketones produced by the liver during ketosis.  

Getting into a state of ketosis early gets the balance of the day tilted in your favor. A hot cup of black coffee is not the most appetizing beverage for everyone. Nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee is a perfect replacement in this scenario. The nitrogen in the beverage activates through a shake and a hard pour, providing a thick and creamy mouthfeel with no additions. With zero carbohydrates and an opportunity to get yourself into ketosis early on, this could be an ideal addition to your morning routine.

Added Advantage of Ketosis

Not only is ketosis a fat-burning state, but it is also a state of longer, more sustained energy. It is also known to provide a sharper focus. Think about how you feel in times where you have your best level of attention and energy. Imagine being able to activate that early in your day through the right steps and the appropriate diet. This is not outside of your reach.

Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Coffee is an ideal beverage for working towards this morning routine. A smooth, energizing, and delicious beverage that is ethically sourced to ensure that you are putting only the best ingredients into your body. An appropriate diet and eating routine will put you on the right track towards achieving the nitro cold brew keto morning advantage. Begin the day as your best self, and win it from the start.

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