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Jay Driscoll on The Quivr Show episode #18

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The Quivr Show explores family, life, business, and the pursuit of balance. We engage in candid discussions about various aspects of life and reveal practical tools as we continue the search for our best selves. Our episodes feature conversations with notable guests who share their motivations, the significance of gratitude in their lives, and the impact they aspire to create in the world.

Jay Driscoll interview on The Quivr Show episode #18

Meet Jay Driscoll, a devoted husband and father of two, whose journey from being a touring musician to a seasoned "creator" spans over 15 years.

As the co-founder of Tabata Songs, Jay seamlessly blends his passions for music and fitness, creating an inspiring fusion that was truly innovative and value additive to literally millions of peoples lives. Tune in to The Quivr Show podcast as Jay shares his compelling story, offering unique insights into the intersection of creativity, parenthood, and entrepreneurial success.

If you're interested in learning more about what Jay is up to with Tabata Songs you can visit them here ⁠tabatasongs.com⁠

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Jay Driscoll on The Quivr Show Episode #18

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