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Kylie Feldman on The Quivr Show episode #15

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The Quivr Show explores family, life, business, and the pursuit of balance. We engage in candid discussions about various aspects of life and reveal practical tools as we continue the search for our best selves. Our episodes feature conversations with notable guests who share their motivations, the significance of gratitude in their lives, and the impact they aspire to create in the world.

Kylie Feldman interview on The Quivr Show episode #15

Kylie Feldman is an expert in organizational strategy making waves in both corporate and startup landscapes. As a Head of Business Architecture, Kylie doesn't just create formal departments; she crafts them into value-driven hubs, some might even call her a linchpin, taking a page from Seth Godin's playbook. In the world of strategy, she's a true powerhouse.

Beyond the boardroom, Kylie is a dedicated mother of two. In our conversation, we delve into the motivations behind her professional pursuits and the delicate balance she strives to navigate in life.

Join us for an episode teeming with insights into the nuanced challenges of driving positive change in the corporate realm and staying true to your own core values and beliefs. Discover the complexities of work-life balance as we chat with an inspiring leader who skillfully balances the demands of family life with the pursuit of professional excellence.

If you're interested in learning more about what Kylie is up to visit her on LinkedIn Kylie Feldman.

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Kylie Feldman on The Quivr Show Episode #15

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