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This Feels Different — Does Cold Brew Coffee Have More Caffeine?

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Ashley Robertson

This pre-workout coffee gave John surprising results that made him change the way he thinks about cold brew coffee. If you’ve ever wondered, “Does cold brew coffee have more caffeine?” you’re going to want to read this.

The Real Conversation That Answered the Question, “Does Cold Brew Coffee Have More Caffeine?”

I like to get a hit of caffeine before I go into my workout. As a stimulant, drinking coffee before a workout can increase performance to make those extra reps feel easier or just to push you further. This can especially be the case when you feel yourself dragging before a workout the way my friend, John, was on this day. Lucky for him I had an extra True Cold Brew Nitro Coffee on hand. Near the end of our workout that day, John turned to me, “this feels different.” I could see he was having a better workout and he asked me, “Does cold brew coffee have more caffeine?”

This was not the first time I fielded this question, but it is not always a straight forward answer. The jolt of energy that John was feeling was definitely from caffeine, but cold brew does not always have more caffeine than a standard cup of coffee. To dissect this appropriately, we have to dive into the cold brew process. 

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How Cold Brew Coffee is Made

Cold brewing is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of brewing your coffee in hot water, the process takes place with cold water. Cold brewing has multiple effects on how your resulting coffee will taste and make you feel. First, the popularity of cold brew is largely due to a decrease in acidity making for a beverage that is smoother to taste and easier to drink.

Cold water also extracts less caffeine from the coffee beans than hot water is able to. While this is true, many cold brew coffees are made with a higher ratio of coffee to the amount of water being used. By using more coffee, the levels of caffeine are brought right back up to their standard levels or beyond. 

So, does cold brew coffee have more caffeine? It depends on which cold brew you’re looking at but, in many cases, the answer is yes. This causes some to celebrate and others to raise their eyebrows. We understand if you’re wary of elevated caffeine levels and, if you are, you definitely should read on to hear how about our reduced-caffeine solutions. 

In Quivr, Does Cold Brew Coffee Have More Caffeine?

Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Coffee has a higher concentration of caffeine than an average cup of coffee. This extra dose of caffeine accounts for the extra energy John was feeling in our workout and probably helped him add more reps to his performance that day. True Cold Brew Coffee can be a spot on pre-workout beverage but, as promised, we have outstanding low and no caffeine beverages as well. In fact, our teas and decaf coffee are pioneering the market.

Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee is an obvious choice for a caffeine-reduced option as it is truly in a class of its own when it comes to quality and flavor. If you’re still interested in a jolt of caffeine but prefer a more mellowed delivery, then our teas may fit your style. We put obsessive effort and attention to detail in the way make our True Cold Nitro Oolong Tea and Black Tea. This all goes without mentioning the no-caffeine herbal  True Cold Nitro Hibiscus Tea.

There is no contest. Whatever your desire - high, low, or no caffeine - Quivr has the best option for you. Can’t decide? Make your own True Cold Nitro Variety Pack to find your favorite. So, when you’re wondering, “does cold brew coffee have more caffeine?” just remember that whatever you’re looking for, you’ve got options. 

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