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Dr. David Fearon on The Quivr Show episode #16

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The Quivr Show explores family, life, business, and the pursuit of balance. We engage in candid discussions about various aspects of life and reveal practical tools as we continue the search for our best selves. Our episodes feature conversations with notable guests who share their motivations, the significance of gratitude in their lives, and the impact they aspire to create in the world.

Dr. David Fearon interview on The Quivr Show episode #16

Practice is Dave’s way of being. His practice? Irrepressible Teaching, before, during, and after the 50+ years he was a professor. His subject? You; and why your practice matters to him, to everyone, and, of course, to you.

His medium - wherever and to whomever digital takes him.

Accordingly, his new digital-first book with the late, highly regarded Leadership thinker Peter B. Vaill, is titled: Practice as a Way of Being: Peter Vaill’s Conjectures on Why Your Practice Matters.

“Irrepressible” because six years ago, Dr. David Fearon, Emeritus Professor of Management & Organizational Behavior, Central Connecticut State University, capped off 55 years as a successful Management Educator, practicing leadership in how he taught and how he served colleges and communities as dean and professor.

Retired, Dave tried leisure, taking up golf, and offering the occasional workshop, but he could not stop being a teacher. 

Now Practice is Dave’s practice and it’s all about You.

If you're interested in learning more about what Dr. Fearon is up to visit him on LinkedIn David (Sr.) Fearon or find the links to his works here.

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Dr. David Fearon on The Quivr Show Episode #16

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