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There Is No Contest For the Best Keto Cold Brew Drink

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

The best in anything is usually simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. The process to create the best keto cold brew beverages was much about what was left out to allow the real ingredients to shine.

The Story of a Mission to Create the Best Keto Cold Brew Beverage

With anything we undertake, we always aim for the absolute best. Why else get in the game? Therefore, when we made the decision to get involved with nitro beverages, there was no question about the goal. We would not settle for anything less than the best. This meant that we would make great cold brew drinks and make them friendly to all types of drinkers. The result is the best keto cold brew, the best Paleo®  cold brew, the best Whole30® cold brew, and the best cold brew beverage period. 

The interesting thing is that although we set out to meet these standards, the solution was very simple: use great ingredients and don’t mess it up. Really, all we did was notice a problem. Too many beverage companies spend their time worrying about what to add to a drink in order to make it taste good. We took the approach of starting with the best ingredients and then leaving them be.

The Solution to Make the Best Keto Cold Brew

The main thing that our best in class beverages provide is a safe, great-tasting beverage. Too many drinks that are marketed to dieters and athletes come linked with some down-side to their consumption. Thus, to deliver a beverage that anybody could drink we need only two things. First, the best ingredients and, second, a natural process to preserve the quality of the drink.

The first problem took us to sites around the world. We source the best teas from the world’s best tea producers. We use the best coffee sourced ethically and sustainably from farmers that use nothing but the best practices on their beans. Once we found the right ingredients we used a nitrogen infusion process to maintain the high quality.

Through this process, nitrogen takes up all available space in the cans so that no oxygen is able to interact with the beverage. When you open the can (preferably with a hard shake and a fast pour) the nitrogen is activated and bubbles of gas cascade through the beverage. This nitrogen reaction has the benefit of creating a fuller beverage but does not otherwise impact the flavor of the drink

And, there is no reason for concern. Nitrogen is a perfectly safe gas to expose yourself to. After all, it better be since it makes up a majority of the air we breathe every day.

The Lineup That Proves the Right Ingredients Already Taste Great

What do the best ingredients and the best processes look like as finished products? Tea from Taiwan, known as the producer of the best oolongs in the world, makes our True Cold Nitro Oolong Tea. 

Our search for black tea brought us to China for our True Cold Nitro Black Tea. 

For a non-caffeinated tea, we combine Egyptian hibiscus flower, Chinese Schisandra berry, and Indian ginger root with orange peel and rose hips to make True Cold Nitro Hibiscus Tea, a genuinely one of a kind beverage.

Barrington Coffee Roasting Company provides the best coffee beans from around the world for our True Cold Nitro Coffee and Decaf Coffee.

To find the best keto cold brew or the best cold brew at all, you simply need to choose from the options above. 

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