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What is the Difference Between Regular Coffee and Keto Coffee?

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Ashley Robertson

What is the difference between regular coffee and keto coffee? Basically, nothing. If you add nothing to your coffee, that is. But if you add anything, make sure it is fat.

Wondering, “What is the difference between regular coffee and keto coffee?” — The answer may surprise you!

A keto diet is not for people who cave in at any craving. Cutting corners is not a practice that works well with the keto meal plan. Finding every advantage possible will help you stay on track. Small differences can make a big difference, and that is why it makes sense to look for a quality keto alternative to any food or drink you’re interested in. With coffee being one of the most consumed beverages globally, it is a perfect candidate for a keto alternative. But what is the difference between regular coffee and keto coffee? The truth is, not much. Coffee alone is a fantastic keto beverage. So, you could call plain black coffee a perfectly good keto beverage.

Most people don’t think of plain black coffee when they think keto coffee. Adding the right thing to your coffee can supercharge the effect it has on your body. Mainly, you’re looking to add quality fats to the beverage to fast-track your route to fat burning and ketone production. Let’s look at some of your best options and how they work.

What to add to your coffee

If you add anything to your coffee, you need to know what it does for you. Too many coffee additives are flavor-based only and are not very good for your health. On the other hand, these keto additions can make a big difference in your diet for the better.


This is a supplement made of medium-chain triglycerides. These fats are easier to digest than typically consumed fats because they have smaller molecules. This is perfect for the keto diet since the purpose is to create efficient fat burning for higher quality energy.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for the efficient creation of ketones. A proper ketogenic diet must result in ketone production, so this is a big deal. Ketones are the ideal fuel the body produces when burning fat. Fats found in coconut oil can convert to ketones easily.

Grass-fed Butter

Grass-fed butter might be the best add for flavor. It creates a creamy flavor and a quality body but can also work wonders for your health. The additional fats can help you feel full longer, and Omega 3 fats can protect your brain health. One of the main functions of a ketogenic diet is to get the brain running on the best possible energy source, so it makes sense to protect the brain along the way.

Regular coffee vs. keto coffee

In its simplest terms, what is the difference between regular coffee and keto coffee? Nothing. Regular coffee is keto coffee. However, you can choose to supercharge your coffee by adding some fat. The fat you chose to add can make a difference in the impact it has on your body, but if you want a keto beverage, don’t add anything to your coffee except fats. 

An ideal combination can be grass-fed butter and MCT oil as it provides the highest quality fats while producing a nice texture to make your beverage more enjoyable. The main idea of greater health and energy is to live a better life, so if you can enjoy what you’re drinking along the way, why wouldn’t you?

Another great way to enjoy a keto beverage is with a high-quality nitrogen-infused beverage. Quivr is the perfect companion to a keto diet and comes in a range of varieties. Start your day with your keto coffee and grab Quivr when you’re on the go. Whether you prefer coffee, tea, caffeinated, or decaf, you’ll find something to love in our True Cold Brew line of beverages.


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