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May Newsletter 2020

Written by:

Ashely Robertson

This is a quick note for anyone who is interested in following our journey. Below you'll find a short recap of the most exciting happenings in Quivr Land.

Hi everyone,

You hanging in there!? We hope you've settled into a good rhythm of life and that you and your family continues to remain safe and healthy!

Our supply chain is stable and we are continuing to operate as normal-ish. We have all the nitro flavors and apparel available for home delivery nationwide.

Thank you for your support, we truly appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve you.

Also, thank you to everyone who continues to send us amazing photos and videos to share of you enjoying your Quivr moments πŸ’¦

We can be reached @DrinkQuivr on IG and TikTok and at hello@drinkquivr.com for more in-depth conversations.

Enjoy the short read. Continue to stay strong and stay healthy!

- Ash & Mukunda πŸ’˜



Heavyweight Hooded Pullover

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RECENT EVENT! (Besides Devastating Global Pandemic)

We wish that we could talk about athletes kicking ass at a competition or an amazing food event that we were at! But almost as much fun and still very exciting...All five Quivr True Cold Nitro flavors now available on Amazon! Thank you for being on this journey with us πŸ’˜β£

It's still best to buy direct from our website as you can use the discount code at the bottom of the email, and also the only place to try a Variety Pack!



Working to Earn the Title of Best Canned Coffee Drink

What does it take to create the best canned coffee drink of all time? We don’t plan on putting out a product without being 100% confident in putting the Quivr name on it.

We aim to make the best example of a product we can (get it πŸ˜…). From how we source and roast the beans and our unique brewing methods, to our packaging, branding and even the exciting sound of popping open a can! We focus our attention on every detail so you can enjoy the best... Read whole article

Amherst Coffee
Amherst, MA | www.amherstcoffee.com

CafΓ© Does Home Delivery!

For the past 15 years, Quivr's Co-Founder Mukunda has owned and operated the cafΓ© affectionately known as AmCo. Due to COVID and the subsequent closure, we are excited to tell you AmCo is able to deliver loyal customers wine, beer, coffee and almost "essentials" directly to their homes!

'AmCo Home Delivery' continues to operate in the same way as the dine-in cafe did; partnering with other local suppliers for compelling, fun and necessary items.

Free delivery within Hampshire County on orders of $60. Delivery days are Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Each order is limited to two bottles of wine and three 4 packs of beer / cider.

If you're local to 01002, you can shop here.

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ from social media. Thanks to @SMR__Photography for tagging us!



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