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The Differences Between Keto Iced Coffee and True Cold Nitro Coffee

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Keto iced coffee might be confused for a keto cold brew coffee, but they are very different. A true cold brew takes your coffee a few steps further to make it something uniquely suited for you.

How keto iced coffee differs from true cold brew and why you should make the shift

If you think a cold coffee is a cold coffee and there is no difference between iced and cold brewed, you can stop reading now. If you want to know the truth, read on. The difference is important, especially when you’re talking about keto iced coffee. Iced coffee is regular coffee chilled with ice. The chill can make the coffee more palatable. Especially when drinking black coffee, which you should be if you want a keto beverage (more on this later).

The difference is in how it is brewed. A true cold brew coffee is brewed with precise conditions over a long period often extending to 20 hours or more. If the result between an iced coffee and a true cold brew were so arbitrary, nobody would go through the trouble of spending that time. 

So, what is the difference in the result?

Why the difference is worth the trouble

First, let’s talk about the difference between a keto iced coffee or cold brew and something that is not keto-friendly. The main reason you might be looking towards a cold coffee beverage with your keto diet is probably to help the flavor. Plain and simple, if you’re on a keto diet, you shouldn’t be adding things to flavor your coffee. 

The function of coffee for a keto diet is to heighten metabolism or boost energy for a workout. If you add unnecessary things to flavor your coffee, you could get extra carbs or throw off your metabolism making it harder to burn fat.

A keto iced coffee and a keto cold brew can both be effective to improve the flavor of your coffee, but a true cold brew goes a little bit further.

Like we said, an iced coffee is just a regular coffee with ice. But the extensive and exacting process that a true cold brew goes through brings out a nuance in flavor that creates an entirely new beverage. Cold water extracts fewer tannins to reduce the astringency of the flavor. Reducing that astringency highlights some of the sweeter notes of a particular bean.

A cold brewing process also uses a higher ratio of beans. Even though a heated brew extracts more caffeine, cold brews often have a higher caffeine content because of the increase in beans. This could be a powerful aid to your keto diet.

The verdict: keto iced coffee or true cold brew coffee?

If you’re just looking for a beverage to fit into your keto diet, a keto iced coffee will do just fine. But if you are looking for something that elevates your performance, gives you an extra boost of energy, can kick start your metabolism, and has fantastic flavor, a True Cold Nitro Coffee from Quivr is your best option.

If you really care about the direction of your keto diet, your health, and your fitness, you should be giving yourself the absolute best in flavor and results.

True. Cold. Nitro.