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June Newsletter 2020

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

This is a quick note for anyone who is interested in following our journey. Below you'll find a short recap of the most exciting happenings in Quivr Land.

Dear friends,

As a tiny family run start-up, it is easy to feel small and helpless in the face of brutal and systemic racism. It is easy to think “we don’t have influence.” We aren’t profitable, we don’t have a staff, we don’t have buying power, etc. To do nothing is the ultimate display of privilege.  If my daughters have taught me anything, it is that even a tiny voice can carry. Now more than ever, voices big and small need to speak out as tangible action is taken. Black Lives Matter and this completely fucked system must be dismantled, not just for the next generation or our grandkids but right now.

Each day we are learning from (and supporting) Black voices. Each day we are applying our learning by taking tangible action.

One of the tangible actions we are taking is to fund Color of Change by donating 100% of all our online sales from Thursday June 11th through Friday June 12th.

We know this is only the beginning. Our heartfelt gratitude to those who are able to help in this way.

- Ash & Mukunda

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