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Ep. 6 The Quivr Show with Jeremy Powers

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The Quivr Show

The Quivr Show is about family, life, business, and the search for our best selves. We talk candidly about all facets of life, what we are working on to improve, how we find balance and meaning, and have some exciting guests as well.

Episode 6 of The Quivr Show is guest Jeremy Powers

Today we have a very special guest - the man, the myth, the legend, Jeremy Powers!

I’ve known Jeremy for over 15 years, as uncle Powers; one of my brothers closest mates. He lived either with Mukunda or somewhere near by but was always off somewhere in the world riding his bike. He would  come back and tell me about an airport ninja move he pulled off or the interesting food he’d eaten in Europe or Japan.

When doing a little research for this episode I discovered that Jeremy is an absolute legend in the cycling world. He's beaten the best of the best, and has cemented his place in history as one of the greatest cyclocross riders of all time.

I’m going to highlight just a couple things here so you can get the picture:

  • Jeremy is a four-time US National Cyclocross Champion
  • The 2015 Pan American Championship Winner
  • Member of the USA National Cycling Team (former)
  • Holder of a whopping 90 UCI victories (the most wins by an American male cyclo-cross rider ever)

Off the bike - Jeremy is the founder of the JAM Fund, a non-profit organization that supports young athletes and promotes the sport of cycling.

After retiring, Jeremy became a presenter for the Global Cycling Network before joining WHOOP, heading up their Endurance Sports department.

I’m excited for this conversation because hanging out with uncle Powers is always an absolute blast.

We hope you enjoy, listen the the episode with Jeremy Powers below.

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What is the JAM fund?

Jeremy Al and Mukunda, founders of JAM Fund
Jeremy, Al, and Mukunda, founders of The JAM Fund

The JAM Fund was created in 2003 by Jeremy Powers, Alec Donahue and Mukunda Feldman, great friends brought together with a passion for cycling. The JAM Fund helps young, motivated cyclists achieve success both on and off the bike.

JAM Fund is a comprehensive year-round program with a mission to lower the financial barriers within the sport of cycling and to develop athletes who are cycling's true ambassadors. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our activities are made possible through corporate sponsorships and individual donor support. Each year we issue grants including financial and technical resources and professional training to aspiring cyclists who show enthusiasm and determination to do their best.

Learn more about The JAM Fund here.

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